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Thank you for participating in the Interstate 11 (I-11) Corridor Study process by completing this survey. We need your input on the proposed alternative corridor options that will be studied in greater detail in the coming months.

Please go to the Community Outreach and Public Meetings page to review meeting materials.

There are a variety of ways to comment on the proposed alternatives, which are shown as individual corridor options with the labels A, B, C, D, etc. You can:

  1. Provide comments on individual corridor options by clicking on the corridor option.
  2. Drop a pin (by clicking) to provide comments on a specific area of the map.
  3. Provide any other comments on the I-11 Study by clicking on the General Comments link.

Comment Tip

Please tell us why you favor/do not favor a certain alternative corridor option(s) so that we can better understand your views and opinions. We suggest beginning any comments on the alternative corridor option(s) with the phrases below.

  • I favor this option because...
  • I would like this option if it were improved or changed to...
  • I do not favor this option because...

Thank you for your interest in the I-11 Study.

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